Femdom Bubble Bath Worship

Rub-a-dub-dub Coach Sasha is in the tub. After long days of working out hard your fitness Femdom needs a nice long bath to relax in. I love to soak in my jacuzzi bath and if its before bed I love getting myself off while the warm water drips on me. You’ve always wanted a glimpse into my private life at home. Now you get the chance with my new bath tub body worship clip.

Bubble Bath JOI Worship Goddess 7:14
You worship every inch of my body and I know you’ve wondered what it would be like if I was taking a hot bubble bath and you got to clean off every inch of my body. You would even drink my bath water just to get my essence inside of you. You love seeing my body all soapy and covered in bubbles it makes your cock so hard. My ass is so hot as it shines and glistens its so wet. You’ll be begging to stroke your cock to me as the pretty little bubbles drip down my pussy. Prove to me that you’ll do anything for me and show me how much you worship every inch of my beautiful body and cum on command for me.

Bubble Bath Worship Femdom

Masturbation Binge Hypnotic Jerk Off Instruction

It’s the weekend and you’re not having a lot of sex so I’m going to send you into a deep masturbating stoke binge all for your femdom life coach Sasha.
I’m going to be sending you into masturbation binge JOI We are going to talk about your masturbating today and how much you love to masturbate. How much you love to masturbate to me, masturbating to my beautiful tan body, My ass, my tits, my pussy, to your favorite porn sites, to hot Woman you see on tv and you probably masturbate to Victoria Secret catalogs. I bet I know what one of your favorite sites to jerk off too is. One of your favorite sites is tumblr isn’t it? You love looking at as much porn as you possibly can with all the endless photos and the captioned photos that you just scroll and scroll through. Every single day thousands of new photos to jerk off too. Your masturbation binge has begun and who knows how long you will be masturbating for. I’m going to throw you into a full masturbating binge!

Masturbation Binge

Become My Bisexual Slave

Will you be willing to do humiliating acts for your femdom Life Coach Sasha? This is your chance and my first femdom clip training you to do humiliating acts to show me that you really are devoted to me.
You tell me you want to devote yourself to me and that you’ll do anything for me. Well, now you’re going to get the chance to do just that. I’m going to make you my hypnotized bisexual slave. You’re going to do the humiliating task of tasting another mans cum for me and you’re going to like it. You will be my bisexual slave just to show me that you will do anything that I ask you too. You will become bisexual and suck cocks, lots of cocks and you will take load after load of cum for me. When I say the word bi-sexual you will find yourself looking at men. When you hear the word bisexual you will look at men and get turned on. You are already becoming bisexual. You’re going to be the best bisexual slave for me aren’t you


Become My Bisexual Slave

Fitness Femdom Jerk Off Slave Yoga Session In Paradise

Coach Sasha is in Paradise doing some femdom fitness while I’m being luxurious living it up all Winter long having a beautiful time while working its so nice. You’re on vacation in Paradise and you noticed me teaching the morning yoga sessions by the pool. I knew from the moment you were staring at me in the lobby that you were going to sign up for my private yoga session by the pool. You think I didn’t see your hard cock through your shorts, well I did. Get ready to relax and let the tropical winds and my sun kissed body give you the most special relaxing yoga session in paradise ever. Specially priced due to the sound not being perfect theres a lot of wind in the mic but regardless you’ll love our session and worship your Coach Sasha’s body like a good workout slave. Your fitness femdom is waiting for you.


Jerk Off Slave In Paradise

Coach Sasha’s Sensual Lip Hypnosis – Mouth Seduction JOI

A new start to the year I thought we might begin with a more gentle life coaching session. I thought a nice way for you to really focus on what I say is drawing you closer to watching my mouth and lips.
I’ve noticed in our sessions that you’re always so nice and focused on my lips. If you have a lip fetish to a mouth fetish this will increase those feelings. You focus on my mouth and the way each word I say begins to feel so sexual. My lips and my mouth seduce you and hypnotize you. You will stare at my lips, and watch my mouth move as my warm and wet tongue caresses my lips look at how pretty my lips are, so soft and so hypnotic. Don’t look away, keep your eyes right here on my beautiful mouth. Mmmmmm The more you look at my luscious sweet lips the more hypnotized you will become. The hypnotized you become the harder your cock will get looking at my lips and watching my mouth move. You will surrender to your Coach Sasha’s lips as they seduce you and control your cock in our private session.