New Years Home Wrecking Seduction Humiliation

Happy Holidays, I hope your holiday was as fabulous as mine.
It’s almost New Years eve a time where you get that feeling of being able to start over fresh. I love new beginnings and I love to make a list of resolutions to accomplish during the year. Do you know what your New Years resolutions are? I know what mine are, I want to be even more of a home wrecker this year, I’ve discovered that the more home wrecking life coaching I do the more turned on I become.  It makes me so wet thinking about wanting to destroy more and more of your relationships to deepen your addiction to me. This year I’m going to amp up the intensity and I’m going to consume your mind and your life because I want everything from you. This coming year is going to be so special for us, yes US… Just you and ME.


Home  Wrecking Queen

Holiday Hypnosis Femdom Stress Relief

You need your femdom life coach right now more then ever. Holidays are stressful andI know you need some femdom hypnosis therapy relief. I have a special session for us today, the best holiday hypnosis JOI clip ever. I love this time of the year, it brings out so much emotion for so many people. It’s a time of the year when i’m needed more then ever. The holidays can be such a joy but so stressful and that’s exactly why you need me now more then ever. All you really want is to come and have sessions with me every single day, you want me and only me. You only want me, you only want to think about me, you only want to hear my voice and you only want to serve me. The more you look at my beautiful body the more you become hypnotized and the more you become hypnotized you realize that all you want is me and nothing else. When you’re asked what you want this year for Christmas the first thing that will go through your mind is wanting me. Wanting to serve me, wanting to be beneath me serving my beautiful body.

Holiday Hypnosis

Femdom Life Coach Sissy Hypnosis

Your favorite femdom life coach as a new session in my sissy training series. With the holidays approaching there is time to focus, focus on the sissy inside of you. I’m going to penetrate your mind with this sissy life coaching session.
In this session we are going to take things a little deeper and work on bringing the sissy in you out. You want to become more of a sissy, a better sissy for me. We are going to work on a series of repetitive sissy transformation mantras. I want you to relax, lets start with a little deep breathing to clear your mind so you can really focus on me. I want you to focus on me, my words, and my body as I speak. Are you ready to let the transformation begin? Listen to your Coach Sasha as I guide you.