Giving Thanks To Your Fitness Femdom Coach Sasha

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend? I did and I was thankful for so many things including my wonderful family and friends, my health and my ever growing wonderful clients who’s lives I know I’m changing for the better. Just because you put that extra helping of gravy on your stuffing doesn’t mean you get to slack off we have a lot of work to do. Be thankful that I’m here to kick your ass right into 2015.
You will show your thanks to your coach Sasha and lavish yourself with pure adoration for me all year long. You are thankful for the advice I give you, the leadership I hold in your life, the places my voice and body take you too. You will give thanks for the journey that we have begun together and will continue.
Show your gratitude and show your thanks with this tribute and beautiful bossy bitchy hard cock inducing photos.



Coach Sasha Humiliation The Holidays Are Coming Fat Ass JOI Clip

This is a really hard time of the year to control your eating, Holidays are about to begin and the cold weather in moving in. Generally that means more eating and less activity especially if you live in the cold weather climates, all your favorite holiday foods are beginning to appear. Well, I can resist it thats why my body looks like this prefect and thats why your body looks like a big fat not in perfect shape lazy shit. You need to learn to control that binge eating fatty. Seriously look at your gut, its not tight like it once was its getting worse and its about to get even bigger. You’re going to have to stop eating like a total pig through the holidays and control that carb addiction. Look how tight my body is and how firm my breasts are. Fattys don’t get to kiss my tits fattys get mocked and humiliated for not being able to control cramming everything they see down their throat!! You’re going to jerk off for me and learn to control yourself for the holidays and don’t be a total failure fat ass!


Pillow Humping Humiliation Part 2

Pillow humping addictions really are a favorite fetish of mine. They really bring out the bitch in me and you love coming to my sessions catching me in a really bitchy mood. You can feel that icey glare of mine and know I’m going to humiliate you during our time together. Your cock gets hard as you see my mind moving a million miles a minute ready to laugh at that small cock of yours that so hard in your pants.
You spend your weekends alone and find yourself cruising all the porn sites looking at all the hot girls you can’t have but of course then you found me and you knew there was no turning back. You wanted to spend the night with me. You also know that a girl like me is out on a weekend night hooking up with hot guys with big cocks, making out with sexy girls. dancing and drinking all while you’re home jerking off while you’re wishing you were taking me home to fuck. Look at my incredible body mocking you, making your cock so hard as I play with my pussy and tits and straddle my pillow. Well guess what, you’re going to fuck your pillow tonight loser and you’re going to fuck it and think about ME getting fucked by a real man. You’re a pillow fucker and you’re always going to be a pillow fucker. Your pillow is the best pussy you will ever get! You need your Coach Sasha’s humiliation!



Pillow Humping Addiction Fetish

Your pillow humping fetish will instantly get switched on when you look at my pretty thighs straddling and rubbing my pussy against my pillow.
You came in for a life coaching session to talk about your issues and I was wearing my white lace panties just to get deep into your mind and hypnotize you. I know how weak my white lace panties make you teasing you with my pretty pussy. When you asked me if I would ever have sex with you and I laughed at you and gave you the finger I saw how hard your cock got for me. I wanted to mind fuck you even deeper and put my pillow between my legs and tease you and mock you as I deny your cock the chance to be with me. My pretty pussy and ass so nice and tight straddling that pillow. Since you’re not going to get the chance to be that pillow you’re going to jerk off to me like a good boy. Mmmm its going to feel so good. Begin now and do as your Coach Sasha tells you.


Pillow Humping Seduction

Femdom Supergirl Home Wrecking Heroine Life Coach

Your favorite femdom life coach made a special holiday themed session for you. Some hot costume play and the ever so real hot home wrecking thatI am going to do to you.
I’m Super Seductrix Sasha your home wrecking heroine and I’m here to do justice and destroy your relationship! My seductive stare and super seduction powers and incredibly powerful ass and pussy will break your marriage apart, ruin your engagement or take away the beginnings of a potential new relationship. I’m here to make you all mine! Do you want to see how powerful it is under my cape and take a look at my super powerful home wrecking ass and pussy? Take deep hypnotic a look at my ass, its got super powers, the more you look at my ass the more you will want to be single again, single for me. You want to be single for Sasha go ahead and say that out loud a few times as you really focus on my ass I want you to say “ My super seduction powers are no match for you or that lame bitch your with. You will be all mine super seducer Sasha always prevails!


Supergirl Home Wrecker