Femdom Fitness Yoga Teacher Sasha Feminizes You

I have a new Femdom fitness clip for you. A very special Niteflirt goodie back for my sissy boys or my curious clients who love my private femdom fitness session.

Welcome to our private one on one session, I’m glad you signed up for this special session with me it will be nice to have some private time. But, you can’t workout in my studio in the clothing that you’re wearing. You’re going to have to put on what I give you. You do as I tell you and wear what I tell you, i’m the instructor! You know you really move like a girl, you’re really looking like a woman right now. The more we elongate your body the more feminine I’m going to make you. It seems like you really like the way you look in your girly workout outfit. It feels so good to have that tight spandex against your skin doesn’t it. It’s so nice to stretch and feel so pretty lets do some sissy inhales, with each inhale you feel like more of a woman and with each exhale you will release the male. At the end of the session – You have such a feminine glow, I knew you would love this session. I’ll see you next week


Yoga Emasculation

Fatty Humiliation Femdom Clip With Life Coach Sasha

I give nothing but tough love in my sessions. I will only be totally honest and lay out the truth. You’re fat and you’re single or you’re with an equally fat Woman for a reason. In my latest clip you’ll understand why you can’t get a Woman like me.
This femdom life coach session is for YOU!

You’re A Fat Loser! Sasha’s Life Coach Humiliation

Look at you, you’re a fat out of shape loser and I’m a perfect hot hard body who eats healthy and gets a ton of hot cock. Of course I only fuck guys in really good shape. You know you’ll never fuck me and I love teasing you, humiliating you and flaunting my incredible body at you to teach you a lesson. I have a special humiliation session for you. I really get turned on from telling you what a fat loser you are. Doesn’t my INSANE body inspire you to get in shape? I’m the lifeline for a fat loser like you to get in shape and aspire to fuck a girl even a fragment as hot as I am. I show everything off to you because I know it looks so good and I love to make fun of you as you get hard. Lets get to it and start to fix that loser life fatty!


Fat Humiliation

Coach Sasha Domination Little Black Dress Fetish

When conducting a session in my office I’ve noticed that my outfit can change the session. When I’m wearing my little black dress I find my client even more compliant and willing to open up with thoughts and feelings. My little black dress adds on to any fetish with powerful results. You feel my commanding presence the moment you walk in and see the fabric clinging to my every curve. I wanted to show you this power in a photo set called “The Boss In Her Little Black Dress”

You’re so tired of being the boss in the house and at work. You just want to be put in your place and be told who the real BOSS is, I’m the BOSS. When you’re in my office you understand your Coach Sasha is the BOSS. I wanted to take our session a little deeper today and I knew the power of the little black dress was what you needed to be controlled. 10 controlling BOSS life coach session photos that you will stroke your cock too. My demanding poses put you in your place. The look in my eyes so sensual and serious, mocking you and showing off my beautiful body. You will kneel at my heels and worship my body and show me what a subservient stroker you are for your Coach Sasha.

Little Black Dress Hypnosis

Sensual Ass Hypnosis Session Part 2

It’s been a long week and you felt so good after our first ass hypnosis session. It’s time to have another session. You’re going to relax and put all your attention and focus on my ass. The more you look at it you’ll find yourself going into a very deep sleep. I know you’ve fantasied about my ass hypnotizing you during our sessions. You’re going to fall into a deep trance and won’t be able to wake up until I instruct you too. Back and forth my ass sways back and forth and back and forth and deep into your face cleaning your mind. You will only pay attention to my ass and let go. Surrender to Sasha.

Ass Hypnosis 2

Worship Coach Sasha’s Sweaty Ass

I’m asked by many of my clients if they can buy my sweaty booty shorts or panties after I’ve gone running or worked out. You want to worship my sweaty ass don’t you. Just to have a few personal moments with my sweaty essence. I made a photo set for your sweaty ass fetish.
I just got back from a long 8 mile run and it was really hot out. You are going to lick all the sweat from my firm bubble ass. My ass is so hot and sweaty, my pussy was dripping too but, my ass needs a good cleaning so why don’t you come over here and worship my beautiful strong fit ass. Show me how much you worship my fitness perfect body. Your cock is so hard at the chance to worship my sweaty booty shorts. My tight short booty shorts are so wet with sweat and pussy sweat and you’re going to worship my sweaty fit ass NOW. Maybe I’ll just finish my run with some squats of my sweaty ass and pussy over your face. Coach Sasha say’s click and pay NOW and get to stroking now!

Sweaty Work Out Ass Worship